TOP10 best breakfasts in Krakow with a discount from Viceversa

TOP10 best breakfasts in Krakow with a discount from Viceversa

A good breakfast for life. If you are also in this division, you are in the right place. Get to know the TOP 10 towns in Krakow with a discount from Viceversa 🥐

Figle – 15% discount with the Viceversa app
📍 Marek Stachowski 4

Not only a great ice cream parlor, but also a place with a nice breakfast menu! Figle, hidden in Wiślane Tarasy, takes advantage of the proximity of the Breaking Bread bakery and serves breakfast with artisan baked goods from their neighbors. There you will find scrambled eggs on Hokkaido bread, a waffle with bacon, fried eggs and hollandaise sauce (great for a hangover), and French toast with grilled peaches. Number one is avocado toast with pistachio pesto and burrata served with grilled tomatoes. It's worth stopping by for breakfast and then improving with ice cream from the Chodurek Brothers.

Kroma – 20% discount with the Viceversa app
📍 Powiśle 12

Kroma is a place located at the foot of Wawel Hill, where you can eat breakfast all day long based on ecological, fresh and local products. The menu includes six carefully selected cows, including a vegan option with beets and tofu, an option with premium beef, tuna, salmon, grilled chicken à la Caesar, but also eggs in pocket squares, creamy scrambled eggs, Viennese eggs, fritters, challah, and even banana in cake. If you want to eat a really delicious kroma and wash it down with aromatic coffee - you already know the address.

Sady Bistro – 20% discount with the Viceversa application
📍 Grzegórzecka 11

Would you like a Fruit Grower's Breakfast or a Gardener's Breakfast? There are also Reaper's Eggs, Fisherman's Frying Pan and Grandpa's Omelette. Such options are available to you at "Sady Bistro" on Grzegórzecka Street, a new place on the culinary map of Krakow. The menu, created by Tadeusz Müller, is intended to take guests to the Lanckoroński orchards. He emphasizes that Sady is supposed to be a place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and remember your childhood days, also through food. We recommend checking it out for yourself!

Cakester Cafe – 15% discount with the Viceversa app
📍 Święta Tomasz 25

Cakester Cafe is a cafe that was created out of love for healthy baked goods. Cakester was the first in Krakow to create a dedicated cafe with sugar- and gluten-free cakes. As the creators say: “We want there to be a place in Krakow where you can taste even more healthy and balanced food. That's why we constantly try to improve our recipes and supplement them with innovative recipes for breakfasts, perfect toasts and ice cream with coconut milk. Instead of reaching for the traditional mixture of eggs, white flour and cow's milk... we focus on healthy and filling products of the highest quality.” A strong option, right next to the Krakow market square.

Velo Food&Bar – 20% discount with the Viceversa application
📍 Marshal Józefa Piłsudski 22

Some people say that VELO is a show of eclecticism, others say that if the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland ran his restaurant, there is a high probability that it would look like this. However, there is a method to this madness. Behind the unusual decor is an interesting menu, in which you will find a combination of American, Mexican, Italian and... Japanese cuisine. The definition of comfort food – you can grab toast with asparagus or avocado for breakfast.

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Miej wszystkie wydarzenia zawsze pod ręką, organizuj spontaniczne wypady ze znajomymi i już nigdy nie przegap niczego ciekawego!

PSIKAWKA – 15% discount with the Viceversa app
📍 Mazowiecka 8

Psikawka is a unique cafe where you can eat breakfast and drink coffee in the company of your canine friend and meet other animal lovers. While enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, you can buy something for your dog, the selection is wide and the products are of the highest quality. Psikawka also serves delicious breakfasts. The menu includes options such as: a variety plate, vegetarian, English or shakshouka breakfast. Great place, we recommend visiting and supporting!

Alchemy from the kitchen – 15% discount with the Viceversa application
📍 Esther 5

For those for whom there is no breakfast without eggs, we invite you to Alchemia od Kuchni at Estery 5, where you can feel the spirit of Kazimierz like nowhere else. Eggs Florentine or crossaints with eggs in a pocket square are items for which we vouch for with our lives. Here you will also find suggestions for vegans and vegetarians, as well as sweet breakfasts. On weekends you can catch them until 2 p.m.

SOWILO Cafe – 15% discount with the Viceversa application
📍 Kawiory 8

SOWILO Cafe is new in Viceversa and a unique corner amid the hustle and bustle of the city, where passion for culinary creativity meets a cozy atmosphere. As the creators of the place write: "Our offer includes harmonious combinations that inspire and surprise, designed with various tastes in mind. At S O W I L O Café we invite you to enjoy selected compositions that are the result of our creativity and love for gastronomy. Take a break from everyday life and let our creations become your ticket to unique experiences.” Sounds promising, right?

Hrabina Bistro – 10% discount with the Viceversa app
📍 Lea 11

A visit to the Countess' friend is a perfect start to the day. The owners of this place sensed the need for a breakfast restaurant in Krowodrza. The Countess is a place full of warmth and a pleasant atmosphere that wraps you like a favorite blanket. The menu is based on products from local suppliers, not to mention the butter that is made on site. Freshly baked bread with such butter is mmm... you know the rest. There are new items to try every day. A sponge cake filled with syrup from baked plums with rose cheese cream, bread pudding or a pear baked in tea with meringue are just some of the many items that make us salivate at the sight of them.

Scandale Royal – 20% discount with the Viceversa app
📍 Plac Szczepański 2

We move to the center and land straight in the headquarters of the scandalists. A strong breakfast item at Scandale Royal is Smashed Avocado, which can overwhelm many people with its taste. It is also the manager's greatest delicacy, which speaks for itself. Scandale is not only about drinks, but also a strong breakfast spot on the culinary map of Krakow. In addition to classic breakfast items, such as English breakfast or sweet croissant, you will also find, for example, an interesting sweet potato mousse.

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