The most delightful outdoor dining spots in Krakow – MUST SEE FOR THE SUMMER

The most delightful outdoor dining spots in Krakow – MUST SEE FOR THE SUMMER

Today we present the coolest restaurant and dining patios in Krakow, where you can feast your eyes on interesting decor or lush greenery, and satisfy your appetite with something incredibly delicious. Let's go!

Muhabbet Bar Cafe with a 15% discount from the Viceversa App

📍 Brzozowa 15, Krakow

This place is said to be worth standing in line for. And if they say that in Krakow, then seriously – there must be something to it. One of those things is Bakla, the breakfast of June, consisting of broad beans, heirloom tomatoes, saffron hollandaise sauce, dill oil, poached eggs, and a large slice of sourdough bread. You can enjoy all this in a charming interior or on the patio, where you can sit on Turkish cushions and rugs that will take you on an oriental journey. Did we mention the craft beer you can taste there? A must-see on the list of top dining patios in Krakow!

GMT Natural Wine Boutique with a 10% discount from the Viceversa App

📍 Bytomska 23, Krakow

Have you ever tried amber wine? Exactly. At GMT Natural Wine Boutique, you can explore the best selection of wines straight from Georgia, but that’s not all. This place is famous for its gazebo hidden among the greenery of the neighborhood, its homely interior, wonderful music, and smiling people. You can feel that this place is created with passion and soul. The atmosphere of Georgia is evident, not only in the surroundings but also on the plate! We recommend discovering this place as soon as possible before it becomes so popular that it’s hard to get a table 😉

MURAL - Street Food Park with a 15% discount from the Viceversa App

📍 Krupnicza 24, Krakow

Let's switch to the urban garden vibe. In the heart of Krakow, at Krupnicza 24, you have the option to enjoy a truly wide culinary offering. Muralfood is a place that not only offers a broad selection of street food delights from various corners of the world but also provides the opportunity to enjoy them outdoors. This is definitely a great spot for taste adventure seekers, as you can grab Indian, Mexican, Italian food, as well as a burger, ice cream, or a fancy drink – sounds like the perfect spot for a food craving, doesn’t it?

Kazimir Restaurant & Bar with a 20% discount from the Viceversa App

📍 Miodowa 11, Krakow

Time for Polish cuisine! Kazimir Restaurant & Bar is renowned for its excellent cuisine, which combines tradition and modernity, and for its generous portions. Here, you can enjoy a steak, a fresh burger, and even vegetarian options. The interior is designed in a loft style, adorned with plenty of greenery, and the patio is especially charming at night. An ideal oasis in the heart of Kazimierz, highly recommended by Viceversa.

Viceversa, co to?

Viceversa to największa wyszukiwarka wydarzeń w Krakowie!

Miej wszystkie wydarzenia zawsze pod ręką, organizuj spontaniczne wypady ze znajomymi i już nigdy nie przegap niczego ciekawego!

Corleone Restaurant with a 25% discount from the Viceversa App

📍 Poselska 19, Krakow

Corleone Restaurant has been a staple in Krakow for over 20 years, serving top-tier Italian cuisine. Fresh seafood, pasta, ravioli, and desserts enjoyed in a garden surrounded by the old city walls covered in vines transport you straight to Italy. The squid steak captured our hearts and stomachs, but the cauliflower steak was equally exquisite. We don't even need to mention the tiramisu and coffee. This is the perfect spot for those longing for sunny Italy.

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